A Kingsbury update!

More great news this month from the Kingsburys! Here’s an update from Jennifer:

Andrew and I bought a house in Fredericksburg over the summer, and Andrew was promoted to Major. Shortly before his promotion, he started his new orders flying with the Marine 1 helicopter squadron (HMX-1). He hasn’t flown the president, yet, but we’ll definitely be snapping a few pictures when that happens!

Lastly, we found out we’re expecting another little one in mid-May 2016. Never a dull moment here! Even with the new baby plans, we’re hoping to make it to family weekend next year and are looking forward to seeing everyone.



Congratulations to Samantha and Billy!

Samantha Delia has double good news to share with the family!

She and Billy married on Saturday, August 8th in their hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia. The ceremony took place in the Chapel of Saint Brigid Catholic Church. They are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of sweet baby Eissler, who is expected to arrive November 21st!

Congratulations to the Eisslers and best wishes for a healthy and happy baby arrival!

View More: http://elizabethbuergler.pass.us/sam-and-billy View More: http://elizabethbuergler.pass.us/sam-and-billy View More: http://elizabethbuergler.pass.us/sam-and-billy

The Man wants you…

…to buy a baby wipe warmer. So your wee little one doesn’t have to experience the horrible discomfort of, you know, a room-temperature baby wipe. Wtf?

Pregnancy has opened up a whole world of commercialism I never knew existed. Stuff for expectant moms, stuff for infants, stuff for babies, kids, dads, even dogs, that is related to raising the baby. I don’t even want to get started on the girl-toys/boy-toys thing. (My little girl could wear footballs, nbd, but am I progressive enough to don my potential little boy in princesses? Would that even be progressive?)

People raised babies in caves for thousands of years. Hard surfaces everywhere, yummy dirt to eat, no sanitary facilities. They survived. But then there’s the paranoid side of me that thinks, I have no idea what I’m doing, and that gadget right there will make me a 3% better mother. So I better buy it.  BUY EEET.  But, resist!


When I was a wee journalism student a hundred years ago, the lovely and amazingly talented Deb Talan humored me for an evening and allowed me to write a profile about her. Within the following year she met Steve Tannen, fell in love, formed The Weepies, and has since gotten very famous, made lots of great music, had beautiful children and lived happily ever after.

Now my world is complete as the unbelievably talented and genuine Michelle Chamuel takes a Weepies song and makes it even more beautiful. I’m gonna burst up with love and happiness.